Toy Train Playroom

Sharon hoosein traincloseup
Sharon hoosein buildingscloseup
Sharon hoosein roomscreenshot2
Sharon hoosein roomscreenshot
Sharon hoosein concepts stylized buildings1

Building concept sketches

Sharon hoosein infinitesnow concept

Paintover of Unity layout for possible game direction. Steampunk-esque flying buildings windup out of the snow, player lays out track to connect them

Sharon hoosein xmasconcept

Paintover of Unity layout for possible game direction: vintage xmas.

Sharon hoosein playroomconcept

Paintover of Unity layout for an attic playroom.

Work I did for an unpublished VR game. Puzzle pattern made by Patrick Hoesly. Furniture models edited from meshes created by Kanji Fukuta. As the only artist on a small team with a 2 month deadline, I designed these assets to meet our design goals within compressed time frame.